Being a bol.commer is hard work. Together we have the energy to get better every day and bring out the best in each other. Obviously you will get something in return.

Money and more...

Autonomy, working together and an unique and innovative work environment. That’s what makes working at challenging! But we will give you something in return. At the vacancy you will find the range of salary for this role. During your application process we get to know you, your capacities and work experience, and we will give you an appropriate proposal.

Besides salary we also reward you with a yearly bonus, based on your personal development and results of

Furthermore you will receive:

  • Holiday allowance of 8%
  • Holiday entitlement of 29 days
  • Group insurance
  • Travel allowance
  • Pension scheme

Extra Service

Besides legal conditions, we also have interesting extra’s for you.

  • Relocation allowance
  • Assistance with relocation and immigration
  • Bonus scheme
  • Free parking on our premises
  • Staff discount on articles
  • Choose your own device
  • Dutch classes in the 1st year

The campus

Is an open and inspiring work environment, with creative open spaces, meeting rooms and silent areas, as our library. But also offer possibilities to work out in our gym, ping-pong table or our soccer field and game room. Want to recharge? Go to our massage chairs.

Our colleagues work hard to make the daily lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable. But we prefer doing this in an inspiring and creative work environment!

Every floor at the campus has their own theme, with a living room where you can easily talk with colleagues. The workplaces are open spaces with a lot of light. Do you prefer working alone, then you can work in one of the silent areas, for example in our library. All our meeting rooms have specific names; in three steps you walk from the Netherlands to Belgium. Or you meet in the Barbie house and an hour later you are on the floating market.

Of course we want to make sure that you can work in optimal conditions. That’s why we also offer spaces to recharge your battery, which you can do in different ways. Sit back and relax in our massage chairs. Prefer getting some fresh air, then you can stroll down in our garden, where you can also find a soccer field, swing and ping-pong table. Want to exercise to empty your head? This is also possible in our own gym or during some sports classes.

A blue and safe landing

We warmly welcome our new colleagues, so they feel at home home as soon as possible.

The first three months you will follow the onboarding program ‘ & me’. The program is developed by bol.commers for bol.commers. Colleagues all over our organization take the time to make sure your landing is fast, soft and blue! Also our management would like to meet you. Of course you will follow this program together with other newby’s. From the start you know colleagues throughout the whole organization!

During the three-month period you will meet five times with ‘your newby-group’. Together you wille hear all ins & outs about From meeting your team, to getting to know our strategy and platform. Also you will visit our fulfilment center in Waalwijk and our customer service department.



Besides work

At there is also a lot to do when our work is done. A lot of activities are initiated by our own colleagues. That’s why all activities are very divers and always voluntarily.

Energy @

Do you love fieldhockey, soccer, boxing, running, biking, yoga or board games. Colleagues organize different activities where you can sign up for. We find relaxation and health also important and organize workshops, for example about mindfulness.

Friday drinks and more

Have some fun after a busy workweek in our own bar at friday afternoons. We like to celebrate, so we organize yearly party’s in summer and winter. Together with your team, you also have the possibility to do something fun. Making music together, bowling or doing a hackathon with 300 colleagues? You can do it with


Are you young, young at, or young at heart? Jong organizes events for colleagues who want to develop themselves, want inspiration or just want to meet with other bol.commers.

Attention to you

We are continuously focused on innovation and getting better every day. Because we work in a dynamic environment and our organization is growing rapidly, your development will grow together with

Therefore we want to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. For example by sharing our knowledge, and offering training and workshops.

To develop yourself and the organization we focus on four elements:

  • Craftmanship; becoming an expert in your field of work
  • Personal development; bring out the best in yourself
  • Leadership; becoming the best coach for your team
  • Working together; being successful in multidisciplinary teams

Daily treats

Good food, happy bol.commers!

At, we make sure that you can eat tasty, healthy, local and good food. Our catering colleagues facilitate every day a fresh lunch in our own restaurant, and consider different wishes.

On every floor you can find fresh fruit. Are you having a busy day and want a quick bite? No problem, you get this at our ‘to go’-assortment or get something in our AH to go.

All our 2200 colleagues They all want to help you become successful at