Nithya Thirugnanasundaram

Test Engineer

What do you do at

Since Februari 2016 I work as an Agile Test Engineer in a diverse scrum team(yeah!) composed of internationals from different countries. We as a team are responsible for the order intake process, VAT (value added-tax) and many other micro services within the organization. As a Test Engineer I ensure the quality of the software, as a team we deliver every sprint. I achieve this by coming up with test plans, creating automated tests/checks – regression plans. I also discuss with the Product Owner and the team members about the test scenarios and exotic scenarios from an user perspective.

I am also part of the Testers Work Group within where we discuss and analyze how we can achieve Test Autonomy (perform testing of application in isolation). And we invest time in experimenting new tools to achieve this and provide a testing platform within

How did you experienced your first month at

This part of the journey was a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, since this was my first job in the Netherlands. So it took me quite some time to land safely on my job and role. Starting a new role at was really overwhelming. Luckily my colleagues were really helpful and very nice to me. At I’m surrounded bij talented colleagues, who are always willing to help and guide you.’s culture is all about sharing knowledge and motivating each other every step we take. I work in an environment where you are constantly challenged by new innovations.

What was your biggest challenge when you started working at

The biggest challenge was adapting to the Dutch working culture. Learning the cultural nuances of the firm, including how people prefer to communicate and collaborate.

Dutch organizations are pragmatic about their strategy, and the working culture involves step-by-step planning. has an egalitarian organizational structure, which I find important. The strategic direction of the company is communicated to everyone in the organization which gives employees a better control in the career.

I work in an environment where you are constantly challenged by new innovations
Nithya Thirugnanasundaram
Nithya Thirugnanasundaram Test Engineer

What is your biggest challenge work-wise?

One of the main key attribute a tester should have is analytically think how to quickly solve a puzzle from an user perspective. Since is a retail e-commerce company, a defect in the production leads to a big loss and challenges the customers trust. So as soon as a new feature request comes in, the biggest challenge is to think out of the box and make sure the software we deliver as a team is fail-proof and stable.

What are the developments within your area of expertise and how do you implement them at

You could hear a lot of new trends in the testing field like contract testing, component based testing and so on. I would like to work more on automation testing in an isolation and individual component. Based on experimenting various tools available and come up with concrete solutions and design frameworks. And yes, of course, there is always place for more improvements.

At we have a lot of opportunities to learn new stuff. offers quite a lot of training and meetups. We can select from a wide range of tools and technology, experiment them at work and share the same with others within the organization. You have a lot of freedom in fulfilling your work.