As an IT Young Professional, you’ll be a full member of one of the 100+ scrum teams at Most of the time you’ll be the only Young Professional in your team – which means you’ll learn a lot from the medior and senior software engineers around you. And your buddy (a Young Professional from another team) will make sure you’ll find your way at

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5 things we bet you didn’t know yet

  • The IT Young Professional program will last 2 years. You’ll join 2 scrum teams, so after one year or so you’ll switch teams – we’ll encourage you to even switch domains at that time, so you will dive into a whole other part of the company.

  • 80% of your time (4 days a week) you’ll be kicking ass in your scrum team. 20% of your time (1 day a week) is free to be spent on your personal development. This is unique for everyone, so each Young Professional’s journey will be different.

  • One day a week you’ll develop yourself on a personal level – meaning working on your soft skills and technical skills.

  • The Young Professional (YP) program is not only being followed by enthusiastic YP’s – but also created by them. You can add value to one of the – so called – ‘building blocks’. See any improvements for the onboarding at Or aiming for better communication between teams? Go ahead!

  • The possibilities are endless. Many Young Professionals at are involved in side projects with other teams or together with other Young Professionals. All of these projects are self-started. No one will tell you what to do – so we expect you to be an initiator at heart.



Podcast with our Young Professionals

In this podcast, that Naomi (intern) and Veronique (tech recruiter) are hosting, we talk about the Young Professional (YP) program with two of our young professionals, Babiche and Priyanka. They tell us a bit more about their personal experiences within the program and, and what they’ve learned so far.

What will be discussed, you ask?

    • The YP what-program?
    • Self-development and the community
    • Learnings and opportunities

Check it out below!


Babiche & Priyanka: “Let's hear it from our very own YP'ers!”

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Frequently asked questions

  • Each year you have 2 options to start the IT Young Professional Program at 15th of March and 15th of September. Want to learn more? Join the Tech Talent Day.

  • No, because you’ll be a full member of a scrum team and you’ll follow your own personal journey. This journey is different for each Young Professional.

  • No, this is a fulltime job (40 hours a week). Of which you’ll spend 20% (8 hours) on your personal development.

  • Nope, you’ll get a full salary. Ka-ching!

  • First of all, you’ll submit your application. Our beloved recruiter Jana will screen your CV. Then she will call you, to informally check if there’s a match. In preparations of meeting face to face, you’ll take two tests: an online HR assessment and a technical case.

    Then we’ll meet at the headquarters. You’ll have your first interview in which your HR assessment will be discussed shortly. Afterwards, you’ll do a business case with one of the young professionals and at last, your technical assessment will be discussed during your second interview.

    The interview day is usually enough to see if it’s a match. And if you agree… well, it’s the beautiful beginning of your career at