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How do you make our customers happy?

As one of the most data-driven retail tech platforms in e-commerce, bol.com is superbly positioned to delight customers and partner sellers alike. We realize ‘matches made in heaven’ by leveraging our analytical prowess to ensure customers find the right product at the right price. Since adding digital advertising capabilities to the mix, we’ve also become an advertising force that gives established online media companies a run for their money. After all, the ability to advertise while people are shopping is a powerhouse proposition. And we’re always looking for new ways to leverage insights. Does that sound right up your alley? Help us raise the metrics bar to dizzying heights!

The biggest challenge

Relevant ads can inspire the customer journey. Conversely, the more engaging the customer journey, the more effective ads are: if the shopper’s interest isn’t already piqued, ads will go unnoticed. So we constantly look for data-driven ways to optimize the shopping and advertising experiences together. And it’s no small feat to find the winning moves in this game of three-dimensional chess. With a catalog that spans 31 million products sourced by 51k partner sellers, the number of data points is midway between daunting and staggering. To help the Shopping & Advertising community overcome data-related challenges and to simulate data craftsmanship at all levels, we are looking for a ‘data storyteller’ who combines a strong experimental drive with leadership skills that make our (big) data analysts all warm and fuzzy. Help everyone ‘engage’ with data. Develop the craft. And ensure data-insights inform and guide the product organization, so we not only make the right decisions but also develop a deeper understanding on how product metrics impact customer/advertiser happiness and platform growth.

What you’ll do as Head of Product Analytics

As Head of Product Analytics, you enable, inspire, and empower the product teams in your domain. Given that these are ‘populated’ by (Lead) Product Analysts, they radiate data savviness. Effective mentoring calls for a mix of servant leadership skills and a compelling vision that leverages the right metrics and aligns our analytics capacity for success. Conceive and promote the data program vision, set the right goals, and keep all Shopping & Advertising initiatives on track. What insights would help us further personalize the customer journey? How can we up the relevance of advertising? And how can we ensure that ads become an eagerly anticipated part of each journey? Responsibilities include designing a robust data governance framework, enhancing crafts(wo)manship, implementing the right ways of working, and setting up a product performance monitoring suite. As for the way of working, we strongly believe in iterative experimentation. That calls for a Head of Product Analytics who not only adopts that approach but also knows how to inspire the teams, e.g., through storytelling, speaking at events and conferences, and facilitating training and knowledge sessions. Show the teams what’s possible. And help them make it so.

‘Internal’ leadership aside, the role also calls for a more outward-looking perspective, given that you are instrumental in driving stakeholder collaboration across the organization. Help our tech teams, business (leadership) counterparts, and other interested parties identify and remedy knowledge gaps and transform our data into actionable insights. Additionally, establish domain data standards to develop easy-to-understand and widely used product metrics and oversee data quality (anomalies aren’t a luxury we can afford) and risk mitigation initiatives. All in all, this makes for a high-impact role with lots of exposure at all organizational levels, especially since advertising is one of the main pillars of our strategy. In this role you work closely with the Heads of Products and our Head of Design, so we can synergistically enhance the product management, product design and analytics crafts.

  • Mentor the Product Analytics teams, stimulate team members’ development and sense of community
  • Develop and promote the data vision, and align analytics capacity with the product domain
  • Set the correct domain data standards and ensure all metrics are clear and well-communicated
  • Advocate and facilitate an experimental approach that boosts product discovery
  • Draw the roadmap and recommend and prioritize product improvements
  • Safeguard data quality and help the teams to mitigate risks
  • Analyze business cases, and translate any and all challenges into data-driven solutions
  • Propagate findings (e.g., past successes or emerging opportunities) within the domain

3 reasons why this is (not) for you

  • - You are entirely risk averse You love the idea of experimentation, but every proposal seems to have a major downside
  • - You’re oblivious to risks You are all in when it comes to experimentation: if it blows up in your face, so be it
  • - You’re your own favorite conversationalist You enjoy talking to your mirror image, and your persuasiveness is legendary. But when you have to ‘sell’ the same story to stakeholders, you lose track of the plot
  • + Your track record advertises itself You bring 10+ years of product/innovation experience to the table and dazzle us with your take on product-led development, deep data science, data engineering, and/or BI
  • + You empower, therefore you are You manage product teams effectively, as evidenced by your mentoring skills and empow-ering leadership style
  • + Your educational background is a match, too You have a background in a quantitative field, such as mathematics, statistics, economet-rics, computer science, or engineering – a Ph.D. is not a must, but would be a real asset!

This is where you’ll work

At one of the best-known online retail tech platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. A platform where 13 million customers can choose from over 47 million articles. A platform that helps roughly 51,000 commercial partners run their businesses (October 2022). And a platform that will never be ‘finished’ because bol.com has been reinventing retail since 1999, and we always will be. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re working on it! Together with our customers, partners, and over 3,100 colleagues.

It is our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity.

Perks of having a blue heart

  • On and off

    At bol.com we understand like no other that you have to take care of yourself first, then your environment and then bol.com. In that order. Therefore, everyone at bol.com receives 29 days of vacation.
  • The extra's

    This includes a telephone, training sessions, a nice lunch and possibly a lease car, if this is necessary for the performance of your job.
  • The new flexible working

    We bring the best of both worlds together by working 50% at the office and 50% at home. This way, we find a balance between organisational and individual needs.

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