Head of Product Logistics Drive the development of a data-driven logistics network

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How do you make our customers happy?

As a data-driven e-commerce platform, bol.com is superbly positioned to delight our 13 million customers and 51k partner sellers. One of our strong suits is cultivating ‘matches made in heaven’ by leveraging our analytical power to ensure customers find the right product, at the right price and the right delivery promise. Another is our drive to combine tech, data, and design to solve customer and partner problems. We continually evaluate and analyze our strategy to determine which fulfillment solutions should be built and delivered, and experiment to (dis)prove assumptions. Important, because we consider fulfillment a key driver of customer and partner happiness, and offer a variety of logistic solutions. We anticipate that pouring data TLC into our logistics network will yield tremendous results. Can you envision, develop, advocate, and implement an innovative technical vision and strategy to turn this ambition into a reality?

The biggest challenge

To maximize your product area’s impact, you must become a visionary driving force. Someone who actively promotes continuous improvements for our product-led organization and data-inspired way of working. You will need to make tough decisions and strike the right balance between desirability, viability and feasibility of solutions for (e.g.,) Capacity Management, Logistics Channel Foundation and Order Flow, so you need to thoughtfully manage various in- and external stakeholders whose goals and objectives may not always naturally align. It should also go without saying that innovations shouldn’t jeopardize operational continuity – and vice versa.

What you’ll do as Head of Product Logistics – Fulfillment Optimization

In this role, you are responsible for the performance of the product teams, and help GPM’s to mentor and guide the colleagues within the domain. In total, the span of attention comprises 15-20 colleagues with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Additionally, while not hierarchically ‘in charge’, you also need to inspire and align >45 engineers and data scientists who help turn our dream into a reality. It’s up to you to set this ‘fulfillment collective’ up for success by devising and promoting an ambitious product strategy, enhancing craftsmanship, and supercharging the execution of product-related plans. Conceive and promote the product vision. Set the right goals. And keep all initiatives on track. As for our way of working, we advocate iterative experimentation. That calls for a Head of Product who not only adopts that approach but also knows how to engage the team, e.g., through storytelling and by facilitating training and knowledge sessions. Show the team what’s possible. And help them realize that ambition.

One of our key goals is to efficiently scale our logistics network that spans a range of internal departments and external partners, e.g., order picking and delivery. To reach that goal, we need to leverage lots of data effectively and infuse the network with as much data science models as humanly possible. 😉 And align our analytics capacity for logistics success. Additionally, contribute to ‘brick and mortar’ oriented solutions, e.g., setting up new warehouses and implementing effective workflows. As such, you are a data-driven source of inspiration for Product teams and help them set the right goals. How can teams best focus on value creation across the entire chain? Determining, evaluating, and continually refining (or even redefining) KPIs are also in scope. In short, you take our logistics ecosystem to the next level by ensuring that all decisions are informed by the right data.

  • Coach and develop outcome-focused product teams that delivers on company OKRs and KPIs (span of attention: 15-20 colleagues)
  • Encourage customer-centricity in everything you do; embrace and promote a data- and discovery-driven mindset and align goals & priorities
  • Amplify the impact of individual product teams, bolster innovation power and effectiveness, and stimulate and cultivate team engagement
  • Form a winning duo with your engineering manager counterpart: embrace co-leadership to maximize product teams’ impact
  • Broaden and clarify our scope of control (end-to-end chain), define, and promote a shared goal, and create a common basis for decision making
  • Develop the right insights and (scalable) tools to optimize the decision-making process

3 reasons why this is (not) for you

  • - Complexity is pretty complicated You aren’t much of a storyteller and struggle to get your point across, especially when the subject matter gets technically complex
  • - All lights need to be green You can’t pull the trigger before the last variable is known: if competitors haven’t already adopted an innovation and proven its success, why should we even consider it?
  • - Singular focus You are great at communicating pieces of the puzzle but cannot zoom out and see the big picture
  • + Solid foundation You have 10+ years of product/innovation experience in supply chain settings and know just what to do when it comes to logistical digitization, demand planning, steering, and S&OP
  • + Tooling- and data-savvy You have a proven aptitude for analytics and tooling and can easily discuss issues with techies, data scientists, and other data-oriented professionals
  • + Inspirational force of nature Your mentoring skills and facilitating leadership style inspire and empower

This is where you’ll work

At one of the best-known online retail tech platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. A platform where roughly 13 million customers can choose from over 31 million articles. A platform that helps about 51,000 commercial partners run their businesses. And a platform that will never be finished because bol.com has been reinventing retail since 1999, and has every intention to continue that trend. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re on it! Together with our customers, partners, and over 3,100 colleagues.

It is our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity.

Perks of having a blue heart

  • The culture and the office

    Our colleagues work hard to make the daily lives of our customers easier and more fun. But of course, we do this in an inspiring and creative environment!
  • The new flexible working

    We bring the best of both worlds together by working 50% at the office and 50% at home. This way, we find a balance between organisational and individual needs.
  • On and off

    At bol.com we understand like no other that you have to take care of yourself first, then your environment and then bol.com. In that order. Therefore, everyone at bol.com receives 29 days of vacation.

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