Product Owner Digital Advertising Solutions Can you commit partners and consumers with state-of-the-art online advertising

Education level
Bachelor / Master
Job experience
4-7 years
Job overview
4,000 - 6,500

How do you make our customers happy?

Are all ads annoying? Not if they are highly relevant, contribute positively to the product selection experience, and/or inspire customers to discover brands and articles that complement their interests and tastes. However, boosting ad relevance is a complex endeavor. E.g., because the algorithms must be ‘well trained’ and privacy-proofed, the underlying technology (how do you match propositions with shopping customers in real time?) is multifaceted, and creative  (video or not?) as well as targeting (who and where?) decisions require thorough consideration. As a Product Owner Digital Advertising, you are one of the ‘knights in shining armor’ that realize this ambition a little bit each day. Are you ready to pick up the relevance gauntlet?

What you do as a Product Owner Digital Advertising Solutions

As Product Owner Digital Advertising Solutions, you ensure that we take the right development steps in the right order. That calls for developing and promoting a robust product vision and the ability to translate that into an efficient, iterative IT execution. What can our product ultimately become? Where do we need to be in 2025 to make that happen? How do we get there? How do you strike and maintain the right balance between innovation and optimization? Develop a broadly supported and hugely ambitious (yet achievable) product strategy, and provide stakeholders with step-by-step plans, including concrete milestones. We prefer to create value fast, so be ready to prototype and experiment away. Functional designs are useful, but if your concept is clear AND you can convince us that you’re on to something, just run with it and fill out the paperwork afterward. 😉 Of note: this role is served in four (tasty) variants, so the sooner you hook up, the greater the chance that your favorite topic becomes your signature dish:



Performance Advertising is all about enabling advertisers. How do we maximize the impact of their advertising budgets? Topics such as matching, increasing relevance, building self-service options (advertising should be effective, easy and fun), and determining impactful advertising moments (never random ‘shouty stickers’ but ads that add customer value) during the customer journey are all in scope.


The Brand Advertising product zooms in on increasing brand awareness and reinforcing a positive brand perception. This team wants to connect brands with potential audiences and keep them connected. What can, for example, virtual brand stores contribute? What new opportunities can we employ to boost brand engagement? And how, when, and where are video banners effective? It’s up to you and your team to find, build and promote the answers!


Offsite Ads (and everything that comes with it) is about helping advertisers to boost their presence externally. A mega relevant and intellectually challenging topic where a privacy-first approach, rich data modeling, and technical prowess come together. How do we build an external media network that empowers consumers and assures advertisers that is their perfect media partner? Go for self-service, provide rich insights, and deftly navigate a ton of data!



Advertising Foundations works on managing, improving, and renewing the digital backbone of our advertising propositions so that advertisers remain empowered and inspired. Think of building a fit-for-purpose ‘my environment’ or setting up a scalable Order-to-Cash chain. Creating and promoting the ultimate, data-driven advertising proposition is also in scope, both for advertisers (steering blindly is kinda hard) and the internal organization.

  • You work with business stakeholders, business analysts, and engineers to identify advertisers’ and consumers’ wants and needs
  • You develop a vision and long-term strategy for your product team and drive execution – you are the enthusiastic ambassador of your advertising solutions
  • You connect stakeholders: getting them on board, aligning them, accelerating initiatives, and sometimes tempering expectations
  • You make difficult decisions, occasionally under pressure, and own those decisions, regardless of how they turn out
  • You inspire, motivate, challenge, and empower the team (engineers, business analysts), ensuring everyone works towards common goals
  • You manage and prioritize the product backlog and champion the Agile Scrum approach
  • You participate in all relevant meetings and often speak up, even when discussions veer into hardcore tech territory

3 reasons why this is (not) for you

  • - You think it's a beautiful story But bottom line, you don't believe ads can contribute positively to the customer experience.
  • - You have one stakeholder And that's you. Yes, other people probably have interests, but it is not up to you to weigh or meet those
  • - You are the undisputed King of The Hill You tend to attribute successes to skill and failures to your team
  • + Your track record advertises itself You combine a master's degree with 4+ years of work experience, for example, as an Analyst and/or Product Owner in e-commerce or online media. IT and big data affinity are indispensable!
  • + You embrace change You get tons of energy from a setting where change is the only constant: pioneering and hands-on experimenting in Agile/Scrum work environments comes naturally.
  • + You get techies and non-techies No, you don't have to be a developer, but you do need to understand engineers and connect with and inspire a diverse group of stakeholders: they find your positive energy contagious.

This is where you’ll work

You’ll be onboarded by the Retail Media Group (BRMG), a fast-growing digital advertising player with a unique proposition for partners, suppliers, and media agencies: displaying relevant ads while customers shop. BRMG has grown rapidly in recent years and now has 125 colleagues with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. And, above all, with a lot of passion, guts, and ambition: we want to help retail media become a serious online advertising power! You are part of the team that redefines online advertising and delights both advertisers and customers. We work multidisciplinary, and enabling autonomous teams is paramount. Important values are roles over functions, trust, responsibility, and a heartfelt focus on the development of our people.

It is our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity.

Perks of having a blue heart

  • The culture and the office

    Our colleagues work hard to make the daily lives of our customers easier and more fun. But of course, we do this in an inspiring and creative environment!
  • The extra's

    This includes a telephone, training sessions, a nice lunch and possibly a lease car, if this is necessary for the performance of your job.
  • The new flexible working

    We bring the best of both worlds together by working 50% at the office and 50% at home. This way, we find a balance between organisational and individual needs.

Interview process

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