Recruitment Marketeer Run the right campaign at the right time, for the right talent

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4-7 years
Job overview
4,200 - 5,200

How do you make our customers happy?

You (hopefully) take it for granted, but every time the mailman delivers a parcel, you’re only seeing the last step of a complex process. And we try to improve on this process every day. For our customers and partners alike. We can fulfill this promise thanks to the energy and talent of our colleagues. Like you, these colleagues are constantly on the move. They’re making promotions within, exploring the world, beginning families, and starting a myriad of other adventures. Which means we’re constantly looking for new talent. That starts with telling the full story of as an employer.

What you’ll do as Recruitment Marketeer

You are the go-to person in the Employer Branding team for (recruitment) marketing. You’re in charge of setting up, designing, and optimizing our campaigns from the top to the bottom of the ‘funnel.’ So this should all be familiar turf. Your experience has brought you this far, and your knowledge and insight enable you to fulfill this role in the way you envision will optimize the team’s ability to meet its goals.

Who are your ‘regulars’? Recruiters! You establish direct lines of contact with recruiters and the business to translate their needs and ambitions into successful (performance) marketing campaigns. You are also a valued discussion partner for creative members of the employer branding team, who are eager to leverage your (data) insights from market research and previous campaigns to optimize new initiatives. Be an incisive and critical advisor. Are we telling the right stories? Are we reaching the right target audience? And are the form and substance of our message on point?

You know how important it is to select the right mix of channels to reach our target audiences. You are always in tune with the evolving media landscape and invariably pick a media mix that delights and fits the target audience. And then there’s The heart of our Employer Brand. This is where the talent we reach with our campaigns touches down, so it’s crucial that this platform is always at its best. In terms of style, substance, and performance. You manage the site with the whole team, but you’re in the lead and responsible for continuity, optimization, and innovation.

  • You’re in charge of the (recruitment) marketing strategy and organizing effective marketing campaigns.
  • You spot (quality) opportunities based on data from market and target audience research, campaigns, and the career site, and share your plans and reports persuasively with your team, the Management Team, and relevant stakeholders.
  • You know your way around tools like Google Analytics, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Reddit Ads, WordPress, and are always willing to learn new systems.
  • You are in charge of and the first point of contact for our digital agency.
  • You understand the power and value of an authentic, honest story, and incorporate this in your plans and recommendations.
  • You build on our mix of media (channels) to enhance our relevance to target groups.

3 reasons why this is (not) for you

  • - Occasional chaos doesn’t agree with you No, if you prefer crystal clear frameworks and well-trodden paths
  • - The data is all that matters No, if you think consideration for the people behind the data points can’t, and never should make a difference
  • - You never, ever ELI5 No, if you can’t be bothered to explain your reports and plans to non-experts and illustrate the role they can play
  • + You like a good challenge Yes, if you enjoy fleshing out and evolving your role
  • + Strength in numbers Yes, if you understand that your role can benefit you, your team, and the entire business
  • + Recruitment Marketing Wizard Yes, if you understand that a marriage of mind (data) and heart (people) creates an enduring match between (prospective) talent and as an employer

This is where you’ll work

As recruitment marketeer, you are a member of the Employer Branding team. Together with Recruitment we comprise the Talent Acquisition (TA) team. In turn, TA is part of People& (HR). TA is cheerful and energetic team. You can expect considerable freedom and corresponding responsibility. But don’t worry, mistakes are allowed. We genuinely see them as learning experiences. The essence of the TA team is to instill confidence that “we get you.” Not just through our work for our target audience and candidates, but among colleagues, too. We’re eager to learn from each other, get to know each other better, understand each other’s needs, and help you be the best you can be in your role and the team.

It is our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity.

Perks of having a blue heart

  • On and off

    At we understand like no other that you have to take care of yourself first, then your environment and then In that order. Therefore, everyone at receives 29 days of vacation.
  • The new flexible working

    We bring the best of both worlds together by working 50% at the office and 50% at home. This way, we find a balance between organisational and individual needs.
  • The extra's

    This includes a telephone, training sessions, a nice lunch and possibly a lease car, if this is necessary for the performance of your job.

Interview process

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