Data Analyst – Logistic Services via Analytic mastermind for our logistic services

Bachelor / Master
1-4 / 4-7 jaar

How do you make our customers happy? is transforming retail to simplify daily life for 13 million customers. Not on our own, but together with 46,000 partners that do business on our retail tech platform. As a platform we want to make sure that all items sold are delivered in a fast, flexible, reliable and sustainable way. In order to achieve this, developed a number of logistic services and turned that into a business (Logistic Services via – LSvB). With these services partners can use our fulfillment centers, delivery services, return processes (and more) to provide the best delivery experience to our customers in a convenient and attractive way. Do you want to make the best out of these logistic services for our customers & partners by helping make data-based decisions and spotting opportunities based on data?

The biggest challenge

We want our decisions for the logistic services to be data driven. We want to make everything measurable to spot opportunities, predict the future and leverage those insights to initiate innovations. This may seem straightforward, but our services are still scaling and we’re inventing solutions as we go. So you not only need to be a brilliant technical analyst, you also need strong business sense and the ability to generate traction for your ideas in a rapidly changing environment.

What you do as Data Analyst – Logistic Services via

  • Advise on operational, tactical and strategic business opportunities based on advanced data analyses
  • Develop, monitor and safeguard KPIs & OKRs to track business performance
  • Analyze business performance and formulate hypotheses for improvements
  • Conduct (statistical) experiments & simulations to test your hypotheses
  • Together with your team, realize a state-of-the-art analytics environment in the Google Cloud (using Git, CI/CD, BigQuery, SQL, dbt, Python, Airflow, Jupyter Notebooks, Tableau, and more)


As Data Analyst LSvB you make a measurable contribution to the success of a large number of topics. For instance, you investigate delivery reliability and quality of warehouse processes, create KPI dashboards to track the (financial) business performance or CO2 footprint, analyze the impact of new delivery propositions, help our sales team to target the right partners with the right assortment, etc. You translate your insights into persuasive recommendations and user-friendly tools that directly contribute to the logistic business. To do so, you consider and align the interests of customers, partners and the platform. As Data Analyst LSvB, you will collaborate closely with stategy, proposition, product and operations and make sure no decision is made without consulting the data.

Why you can make the difference

Because you love to demonstrate what you can do with an analytics toolbox and a few petabytes of data. You combine technical prowess with a gift for converting ‘abstract’ insights into specific business proposals. We’re looking for a colleague who is open to everything the world of advanced analytics has to offer, and isn’t afraid to take a ‘fail and learn’ approach. You’re a team player, look forward to receiving feedback, and have a passion for technology with an insatiable curiosity.

3 redenen waarom dit (n)iets voor jou is

  • - You do not have the right commitment No, if you want to just email someone an analysis and don’t care if they take your advice
  • - You rather work solo No, if you want to do everything yourself, don’t ask for help, and avoid teamwork
  • - You cannot express your opinions No, if you have a hard time formulating and expressing your opinions
  • + You have the right experience Yes, if you have 3+ years of work experience in software/data engineering, business intelligence and/or data science (skills are more important than degrees)
  • + You can transform complex data Yes, if you can transform complex data into actionable insights using SQL and Python
  • + You enjoy setting up simulations Yes, if you enjoy setting up simulations and experiments to demonstrate the added value of your ideas

This is where you’ll land

At the premier online retail tech platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. A platform where 13 million Dutch and Belgian customers can choose from over 30 million articles. A platform that helps roughly 46,000 commercial partners run their businesses. And a platform that will never be ‘finished’, because has been reinventing retail since 1999 and we always will be. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re working on it! Together with our customers, partners, and over 3,000 colleagues. And hopefully together with you! Because together we can change retail to make everyday life easier.

You’ll land in the Logistic Services Analytics department, where you form an analytics team with 9 experienced colleague analysts. The Lead Data Analyst will actively coach and support you. As a team, you lay the groundwork for operational, tactical and strategic decisions by providing in-depth data analyses. Decisions are made in multidisciplinary teams. You represent the analytics perspective and strive to achieve our shared goal of realizing customer, partner and platform value.

Wij creëren een omgeving waarin we de kracht van diversiteit benutten.

De voordelen van een blauw hart

  • In de bonus

    Aan het eind van het jaar krijg je een bonus.
  • Flexibele werkcultuur

    We voegen het beste van twee werelden samen, zodat de balans tussen organisatie- en individuele behoeften goed blijft. Dit betekent 50% werken op kantoor en 50% vanuit huis.
  • De extra's

    Denk hierbij aan trainingen, een lekkere lunch, eventueel een telefoon en een leaseauto, wanneer dit nodig is voor het uitoefenen van je functie.


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