Who is responsible for processing your information?

Bol.com b.v., located on 100 Papendorpseweg, 3528 BJ in Utrecht, is responsible for processing the information set forth in this privacy policy.

What does this privacy policy cover?

This privacy policy applies to all information that bol.com collects and processes during the course of job applications at bol.com and/or when setting jobalerts on the careers.bol.com website.

To what end and on what legal basis does bol.com process your information?

By applying for a job at bol.com, you grant bol.com permission to collect and process your information for the purpose of processing your application, which includes evaluating your eligibility and suitability for the job opening.

In the event that bol.com offers you the job, your information will also be used to prepare the job offer. And in the event that you accept the offer, bol.com will use your information to prepare your employment contract.

When you set a jobalert on the careers.bol.com website, bol.com will use your information solely to send you your jobalert.

Bol.com does not use so called automated decision support during the application process (in which decisions are purely based on automated information processing). And bol.com does not process information outside of the European Union.

What (categories of) information does bol.com process for this purpose?

Bol.com collects and processes the information you provide when applying for a job on careers.bol.com. Bol.com also collects and processes information you provide during conversations, in phone calls and/or in e-mails with bol.com employees.

In order to process your job application, bol.com collects and processes the following information: first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, information in your CV, your picture (if included), your motivation, whether you have an employment and/or residence permit (if applicable), possible other personal information that you submit to bol.com as part of your application (including the results of an online assessment) and finally, all other information that we are legally obligated to process.

In order to set up a jobalert, bol.com collects and processes the following information: e-mail address, desired frequency of jobalerts, your field(s) of interest, years of employment and your education level.

Bol.com does not collect or process applicants’ protected characteristics (anything related to health and disability, race and ethnicity, political/religious/philosophical convictions, and so forth) unless you have expressly allowed this.

Who has access to your information?

Access to your information is limited to employees in the bol.com HR department, your potential new manager and employees that are present during your interviews. And these people only see the information they legitimately require for the intended purpose.

When bol.com uses a selection agency or other third party, for example a CV-screening or assessment agency, you will be informed of this beforehand.

The information you provide when setting up a jobalert will only be processed by the web editors at careers.bol.com.

How long does bol.com keep your information?

Bol.com keeps your personal information until 4 weeks after the application procedure ends. If you give us permission to keep your information for longer, the information will be deleted 1 year after the application procedure ends.

When you sign up for a jobalert, your information (e-mail address and preferences) is kept until you unsubscribe.

When you come to work for bol.com, the information you provided during the application process becomes part of your employment record, and your information will be processed in accordance with the bol.com privacy policy for bol.com employees.


What are your legal rights with regard to bol.com processing your personal information?

In accordance with privacy legislation you have the right to:

–  See, rectify and delete your personal information;

–  Limit how we process your personal information;

–  Revoke your permission for bol.com to process your personal information;

– Receive a copy of your personal information, in order to transfer your data to another organization (right to data portability);

– File a complaint with our Data Protection Officer by e-mailing dpo@aholddelhaize.com. You can also file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you believe that bol.com has not complied with the Data Protection Act.

Questions and requests

For questions pertaining to our job applicant privacy policy or the way bol.com processes your personal information in relation to your job application, please contact our HR department at recruitment@bol.com. Please note that this privacy policy is subject to change. The latest version of the privacy policy can always be found on the careers.bol.com website. This version of the privacy policy was last edited on 23 May 2018.