COVID-19 and applying at

3 min.
25 March 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been stirring up the world. The situation is bizarre, which no one has had to deal with before. Same for Almost everyone in our office is working from home. Which makes you wonder what it’s like to apply for a job in our company. Is that still possible? How does the application process works? And how do we ensure everyone’s safety? That’s why you’ll find a FAQ below to answer as many of your questions as possible about, COVID-19 and our application process. Isn’t your question listed? Please check this page for more information or contact us via email:

Why we do what we do

Because of COVID-19, the work in one sector is at a low point, and in the other sector there is still a need for more employees. We understand that these are times of uncertainty. In this period, we are there for our 10 million customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. In this situation, our primary concern is the health of our employeestheir families and our partners. In addition, we make every effort to anticipate to what The Netherlands and Belgium need as good and adequately as possibleWe will also do everything we can to support the more than 27.000 entrepreneurs with whom we work in their business in the best possible way. Our colleagues are working hard to make this happen.  

Questions and answers

  • We follow the RIVM guidelines. Everyone, whose work allows it, works from home in order to control the virus. Together we work remote. Therefore, job interviews will take place via video or telephone. 

  • You can still apply at, but only if you live in The Netherlands or Belgium. Because of the measures taken by the RIVM, we have decided that all job interviews will be conducted via video. That’s the only difference in the application process for now. More information about the application process outside of The Netherlands or Belgium, check the next question.  

  • Unfortunately, at the moment the borders are closed and we can’t take candidates who live abroad into consideration. Normally, we do. But due to security reasons and the measurements that have been taken regarding COVID-19, we can’t migrate anyone to The Netherlands. At this moment we can’t say when it is possible to travel again. Therefore, we decided not to accept any candidates living abroad at this moment. Read more about this here.  

  • To apply for a vacancy nothing changes. Send your CV and a short motivation via the website to apply for the vacancy you like. The recruiter will contact you to discuss further procedure.

  • This will differ per role. For some roles we will discuss the technical aspects of the vacancy, for other roles it will be more about the content of the vacancy. This will differ for each role. Ask the recruiter for more information about the second interview and assessment. He or she will tell you how you can prepare best for this role.  

  • It varies per job and per assessment, but make sure you have a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. The assessment can take place via the computer in your living room.  

  • Congratulations! We’re looking forward to seeing you. Your contract will be sent to you digitally, so you can sign it and return it. You’ll also receive an invitation for our introduction program. This will take place online, as long as we have to work from home. This way, we want to introduce you to in a good way and give you a warm (virtual) welcome.  
    You can pick up the laptop and other stuff you need to get started at the office. We will schedule you in a timeslot for that. We understand that this is a weird way to start a new job. That’s why your new team will do everything in their power to get you started in your new role and get you digitally acquainted with colleagues. 

  • Your and our colleagues’ health is the most important thing. Therefore, we follow the advice and guidelines of the RIVM and the government. 95% of the office works from home. If colleague has to be at the office, because of the position they’re in, 1,5 meters distance is a requirement. In addition, interviews are taken via video. In this way, we hope to be able to continue as normal as possible and keep the chance of infection small.

  • We are trying to do our bit too. Want to read about it? Check this.