How do you stay fit while working from home? Vitality at

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30 September 2020

Autumn is right in front of us, so the days are getting shorter again. All bol.commers still work at home as much as possible. Most of the time, working from home means that you exercise less. That’s why we think it’s even more important that everyone stays healthy and gets enough physical activity. Staying vital while mainly sitting behind your laptop is quite a challenge. So how do you do that? And how do you combine this with work? We asked these questions to five colleagues with a great passion for their sports. Read it here!

Sportsman in heart and soul Cycling

Sports fan Thijmen Klompmaker is Tech Recruiter. His biggest passion is cycling. He prefers to wear his cycling outfit. For him, sports are really a good way to relax and to enjoy his free time.

“Before Corona, I sometimes ran to I live close by and we have a gym at the office, so I could take a shower there. That was a good start of the day. Besides that, I’m free to schedule my time. Normally during the autumn, I cycled on my bike trainer in the attic. Now that I work from home, I will postpone that for a while. I can easily close my laptop at 5:00 PM and go for a ride on my bike outside. I no longer have to take travel time into account, so exercising is a lot easier to organize.”

“I do miss the relaxed cycling to the office because in that way I could start the day at ease. Working from home makes me exercise less. At the office, I walked regularly from meeting to meeting. Now I sit behind my laptop or I am fanatically practicing sports. So it is often one or the other. For me, vitality is about the balance between enough physical activity and enough time to relax. A tour on the racing bicycle in combination with watching the Giro d’Italia on TV for example.”


More balanced CrossFit

Anne van Mierlo works as a Data Analyst. Six times a week she practices various CrossFit exercises in the gym. Next to that, she also participates in competitions and she is a CrossFit trainer.

“About a year and a half ago I started CrossFit competitions. Without any problems, I was able to work from home on Wednesday morning and take the afternoon off. During these afternoons, I always go to the gym for a few hours. Because I’m now able to practice for a couple of hours during the week, I’m much more balanced. I feel well, partly due to the flexibility of”

“Because the gyms were closed for a while, I trained in my garden in the early mornings with a temperature of 7 °C which was quite cold. After alignment with my manager, I started my workdays earlier and exercised during lunchtime. I also often participate in CrossFit classes in the evening. There I can completely focus on my exercises and forget everything for a while. The next day I start again with new energy, that’s great.”

Starting energized Strength training

Our next sporty colleague is Mike Vivas. He is a Platform Business Models intern and spends about six times a week in the gym.

“I’m lucky that the gyms are open till late in the evening. After work, I make sure that I get enough nutrition so that I can exercise an hour later. The next day I’m fully energized again to work for I prefer to exercise at a fixed time. If I’m in the office, my sports schedule doesn’t change much. Because I live close to the office in Utrecht, I can immediately go to the gym at the end of the day.”

“When the gyms were closed, I made a “plan of attack” to immediately start again with workouts after Corona. My manager has also noticed that I exercise a lot. She asked if I would like to give an intensive lesson in the gym at Let’s see what’s possible in here with the new circumstances  but my team can expect a good workout!”

Lots of freedom Tennis

Michael Joosse is a Tech Recruiter. He loves tennis and prefers to be on the tennis court early in the morning.

“Now that I mainly work from home, I can plan my tennis without any problems. After I’ve booted my laptop, I regularly start hitting a ball at 8:00 AM. Besides that, I often play with young talents who are still at school. Because of my job as a recruiter, I create my own schedule so I can easily meet with them in the afternoon to train.”

“Of course I miss the crazy jokes and the nonsense at the office. On the other hand, working from home also gives me new opportunities. For the next thirty weeks, I will attend training on Monday to become a tennis trainer. Getting this opportunity at is really priceless. In my work I see it as to give and take; I receive a lot and like to give back a lot. If something needs to be done in the evening or on weekends, the candidates can count on me!”

Bright and early Horse riding

The last colleague of this blog is Zoë Blitterswijk. She is an Employer Branding intern and her biggest passion is horse riding. She has trained her own horse to the advanced dressage level.

“When I was three years old, I already had my own Shetland pony. So you can say that I’m really into horses. At the end of the day, I go to my horse, where I can enjoy my free time and focus on training for my competitions. Because of this perfect split between work and sports, I can start the next day bright and early.”

“Working from home also gives me more opportunities during lunchtime. I often go for a walk with our dog. Although I have to miss the real atmosphere at the office, I do have a lot more time for my hobby.”


These five colleagues stay fit by planning their work-life balance efficiently. Vitality is important at, which is why we organize a vitality month in October. During this month, we’ll organize activities to help bol.commers with their health during the peak periods of the holidays. It stimulates people to keep exercising, to eat healthy, and to recharge, especially when it is so important. To be continued!