We release over 70 user stories per day, made possible by maintaining our Startup mentality. You will develop your personal and technical skills through your colleagues. Our 100+ teams create the bol.com landscape and make it future-proof. Within bol.com teams are the most important, they work in sync with other teams, work autonomous, have the least amount of dependencies and have their own responsibilities. These Scrum teams are all part of a Fleet – every Fleet part of a so-called Space.

As for your GPS location within the bol.com universe, check below which one you might call your (temporary, because moving between spaces is possible) home someday.

Shopping Experience Space

It builds and runs the store environment, ranging from Search (elastic as a rubber band) to our App, and from Subscriptions to Checkout. The team is customer facing, multidisciplinary, crazy about Kotlin, Google Cloud, React and Redux. And slightly quirky. Ever tried to complete a racetrack on your office chair? Join us and you can strike that one off your bucket list.

Retail Platform Space

Our developers are the primary enablers of our external partners. Here you’ll crunch code that helps partners to entice our customers with amazing offers. Machine learning to improve sales-forecasts? An engine that determines the perfect price point? Tools that tell partners what customers want and expect? Automated reminders? We have our partners’ backs!

Logistics Space

We streamline the physical flow of all goods. No easy feat, because we ship 16m individual products, and offer disruptive fulfilment services. No drones yet, but everything is on the table. We also support one the largest and most sustainable (BREAAM award winner, home to colleagues, bees and bats) fulfilment centers in the EU.

Content & Marketing Space

It is one navy that consists of two fleets. 😉 Content focuses on product information and processes over 700,000 changes each day, every day. The Marketing Fleet assures our relevance. Both as a brand, and on a customer facing level. SEA, SEO, APM, personalization? Machine learning, Java, Spring, Postgres, BigQuery? Been there, done that.

Platform Space

It keeps the fabric of our entire universe together. They also enable roughly 500 developers in other spaces to shine like stars. Home to the hardcore techies, we deliver the data (BigQuery, PubSub, Postgres), Provisioning (Kubernetes, VM’s), and Application (Continuous delivery, metrics, logging) goods.