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Agile Transition Coach & People Lead Tech innovation enabler

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How do you make our customers happy?

By increasing the impact of’s technological innovation community. Important, because technology is the main enabler of platform innovation, and key to meeting evolving customer and partner demands. You succeed by leading the coaches who develop and empower our tech community, ensuring their coaching craftsmanship is so polished, it shines in a setting where scaling fast is mission critical.

The biggest challenge

In 2008, we were one of the first Dutch companies to embrace SCRUM. Today we have over 100 scrum teams and we’re exploring how best to stay agile at scale. Sure, we’re aware of all the models and frameworks, but we also know that mindlessly ‘copy/pasting’ methods will not yield the best results. How do we create and embed an approach that complements our DNA? Zoom in on the human dynamics level. Develop and position an agile coaching approach that will take’s way of working to the next level, so that we can complete our transformation into a retail tech platform that is truly agile at a scale.

Your responsibilities Transition Coach and People Lead

  • You co-develop both the vision for, and a practical approach to (agile) coaching at
  • You set the team of coaches up for success, making sure it has the right tools help accelerate’s agile scaling
  • You identify, quantify and prioritize coaching skill needs, both from a team and a broader organizational perspective
  • You develop and champion learning solutions within the team (on the job and formal training)
  • You establish talent management for the team of coaches (i.e. the HR cycle)
  • You coach on an organizational level (board of directors, leadership teams) and deliver on your promise as a trusted advisor
  • You keep close tabs on the organization – what is happening, and why? – and leverage those insights to outline the development goals of our agile way of working

As Transition Coach and People Lead, you are the alpha and the omega when it comes to driving our agile ambitions. In essence, you take on a dual role. You continuously develop and inspire the team of 8 coaches, raise the bar, and ensure each coach has what (s)he needs to clear it. In short: you leverage your coaching experience and people developments skills to nurture and grow team craftsmanship. But you are also a leader among peers as the Transition Coach for one or two innovation domains. Work together with a Way of Working coach to determine how we can empower teams – including their leaders – to adopt the agile-at-scale philosophy and run with it.

The position requires that you strike and maintain the right balance between ‘demand-based’ coaching (as indicated by product teams and their leaders) and developing learning interventions that further organizational development ambitions. And you can’t mull over your choices for weeks. evolves quickly, and our agile way of working needs to keep up. What makes the role extra challenging, is the greenfield setting. The role is new. As is the Innovation Support team. So you really do have to hit the ground running with your team of 12 colleagues and grab the domain of innovation effectiveness by the horns. Of note: (y)our coaches are the co-creators of our agile at scale solutions, and we expect you to weigh in. You report to the Director of Innovation Support.

Why you can make the difference

All innovations, from game-changing disruptions to modest optimizations, start with an idea. The sparks for those ideas are often caused by ‘friction’ that customers, partners and employees experience with existing processes. So when people bring issues to your attention, roll out the red carpet, not the red tape! Solicit their ideas and act on them. Focus on changes that can make the biggest differences. Create an even better environment for ideas to flow by increasing team autonomy. Boost workplace engagement. Realize iterative improvements to our agile way of working. And maximize our innovation impact. As Transition Coach and People Lead you make that happen.

3 reasons why this is(n’t) for you

  • Yes, if you believe innovation, agility and self-organization are key to sustainable success
  • Yes, if your 10+ years of experience in coaching and transforming organizations have paid measurable dividends
  • Yes, if you get a kick out of helping people grow, and have wild (but practical) ideas on how to go about it
  • No, if you think business colleagues and techies evolved on different planets, and should probably remain separated
  • No, if a complex environment with a myriad of stakeholders to manage sounds exhausting
  • No, if you shy away from experimentation – you’ll only consider an idea after a panel of scientists signs off on it

Where you’ll work

At the premier online retail tech platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. A platform where 11 million Dutch and Belgian customers can choose from over 20 million articles. A platform that helps 30,000 commercial partners run their businesses. And a platform that will never be ‘finished’, because has been reinventing retail since 1999. And we always will be. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re working on it! Together with our customers, partners, and over 2,000 colleagues. And hopefully together with you. Let’s change retail together to make everyday life easier. Our tech people share a strong ambition to work hard and play hard in equal measure. The setting is pioneering and autonomy is encouraged. Our teams deploy their own code to the production environment. And you can socialize on our soccer field, in the games room and in the bar on Friday afternoons. Gezellig!

What you get

What you get

  • A blue and safe landing

    We warmly welcome our new colleagues, so they feel home as soon as possible. During your onboarding program, we give you all the ins and outs about!
  • Money and more...

    Working at is challenging and therefore you get something in return. Besides salary, you will receive a yearly bonus, holiday allowance, holiday entitlement of 29 days, travel allowance, group insurance and more.
  • Attention to you

    We are continuously focused on innovation and getting better every day. Because we work in a dynamic environment and our organization is growing rapidly, your development will grow together with

How it works

  1. Carefully, we take a look at your application. Within 2 weeks you know if we invite you for an interview.
  2. We call you to set up an interview. And since we’re already talking: feel free to ask any question you may have.
  3. In this first interview we’ll get to know each other. We want to find out more about you. Work experience is interesting, but we also want to find out more about you as a person. Together, we’ll find out if this job is a match made in heaven.
  4. Before the next interview we will ask you to take an online assessment. We’ll also discuss the position and your team in depth.
  5. 2 interviews are usually enough to see if it’s a match. And if you agree… well, it’s the beautiful beginning of your career at :)

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