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API Platform Engineer Builder of APIs. Ambassador of the API-first mindset.

Bachelor / Master
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How do you make our customers happy? isn’t a webshop, but an omnichannel retail tech platform where 10+ million customers can choose from 20 million articles. Sometimes we procure these from ‘traditional’ suppliers, but they’re increasingly sourced by our ~25.000 partners. To stay ahead of evolving customer and partner needs, we need to continuously adjust and innovate our tooling and features. APIs are a key part of this. The better our APIs, the faster and more flexible we can develop. And become a retail tech platform where customers and business partners feel even more at home.

The main challenge

Even though isn’t a webshop anymore, that is where our roots are. This explains why our systems were originally designed with a webshop-centric approach. In 2010 we successfully pivoted to a Service-Oriented Architecture. We quickly learned that the transition into a retail tech platform, combined with the growing number of customer channels (apps, voice, and so forth), screams for ‘externalizable’ APIs. These require specialized know-how, a corresponding mindset, and new ways of working. Not just within the IT department, but business wide.

Your responsibilities as API Platform Engineer

  • You develop, optimize and integrate API tooling
  • You engage with Scrum teams and gather their API requirements
  • You are the company-wide ambassador of the API-first mindset
  • You develop and give training sessions/presentations to highlight the opportunities that APIs generate
  • You evaluate and improve the API Guidelines and support teams in their own API development processes

As API Platform Engineer your dual role calls on both your tech and communication skills. To start with the tech component: you design, build and/or integrate API-related tooling into the API Management concept. This requires you to maintain close relationships with the SCRUM teams. Exactly what do they need in terms of API analysis, development, deployment, and monitoring? You also keep an eye on market developments and research which new tools can benefit our IT organization (approx. 500 developers) the most.


Additionally, you are an inspirational and emphatic company-wide ambassador of the API-first mindset. As such, you will host API-related workshops and give presentations to help us (and you) design and develop the right APIs, in the right way. Not a big enough challenge? Fine-tuning and promulgating our API Guidelines is also in scope. As is helping teams to design their own APIs. Does every new API meet our exacting standards? Including ease of use? Because usability is as important as any technical spec. Ask any user within the company, or any of our external partners, who all rely and build extensively on our ecosystem. So your performance has a huge impact!

Why you can make the difference

Because you’re a dyed in the wool software engineer with hands-on experience with (public) APIs based on Swagger or OpenAPI. You combine an API-first mindset with the coaching and communication skills to guide developers and business stakeholders to the next level. Knowledge of platforms and how to grow them is essential in order to spot market opportunities early, and proactively develop new business models. Experience with Authoring/collaboration tools: Stoplight, SwaggerHub, Linting: Zally, Prism, Security: JWT tokens, Keycloak and Antora, mkdocs and readthedocs is not a hard requirement, but does make us more hungry to hire you.

3 reasons why this is(n’t) for you

  • Because you have 5+ years experience as a software engineer
  • Because Java or Go holds no secrets from you
  • Because you are a technical expert who approaches issues form the users’ perspective
  • Because you want to focus purely on development and don’t get energy from coaching/communicating
  • Because you feel colleagues should jump for joy whenever you propose an idea
  • Because you’re a loner and consider working with colleagues a necessary evil

Where you’ll work

As API Platform engineer, you’ll join a Scrum team you can always rely on for feedback and continuous professional growth. The setting? Think ‘campus’, including a game room and soccer field. Despite our size, we make fun of rigid rules and traditional work structures. We may be a market leader, but you won’t get a whiff of the corporate odor you associate with that. Our strength derives from working together as equals and constantly improving each other. After all, you can accomplish great things on your own, but so much more with your colleagues! Given that over 25% of our IT fleet consists of internationals – if you want the recipe for a celebratory Brazilian feijoada or want to sample authentic Greek mezze, Utrecht is the place to be – we have a lot of relocation experience. As for our ways of working, check out the videos. For info on current challenges (yep, we share code), check out our Techlab!

What you get

What you get

  • Attention to you

    We are continuously focused on innovation and getting better every day. Because we work in a dynamic environment and our organization is growing rapidly, your development will grow together with
  • Money and more...

    Working at is challenging and therefore you get something in return. Besides salary, you will receive a yearly bonus, holiday allowance, holiday entitlement of 29 days, travel allowance, group insurance and more.

How it works

  1. Carefully, we take a look at your application. Within 2 weeks you know if we invite you for an interview.
  2. We call you to set up an interview. And since we’re already talking: feel free to ask any question you may have.
  3. In this first interview we’ll get to know each other. We want to find out more about you. Work experience is interesting, but we also want to find out more about you as a person. Together, we’ll find out if this job is a match made in heaven.
  4. Before the next interview we will ask you to take an online assessment. We’ll also discuss the position and your team in depth.
  5. 2 interviews are usually enough to see if it’s a match. And if you agree… well, it’s the beautiful beginning of your career at :)

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