Will you graduate soon and would you like to get to know bol.com as an IT employer? Join the bol.com Tech Talent Day May 11th. During this afternoon you’ll explore our IT Young Professional program – an unforgettable 2-year journey at the largest retail tech platform Netherlands & Belgium.

If you are interested send an email to our recruiter Jana!

What is the bol.com Tech Talent Day?

With over 13 million customers, 134 million monthly visits and roughly 41 million products on display, bol.com is the #1 retail tech platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. Data-driven, realistic (mistakes are fine, as long as learnings are shared) and boldly going where no online retailer has gone before, we want to deliver upon our promise to engage and inspire all of our customers.

Sound like something worth going for? We offer IT talent a unique opportunity to become an all-round Software Engineer. When you join the IT Young Professional program, we’ll take you on an unforgettable 4-step, 2-year journey through an innovative IT landscape! But before you take this step, we’ll give you the chance to find out if this is something for you.

During the Tech Talent Day, you’ll catch a bit of the bol.com culture and you’ll learn how we build, run and love IT. Your potential future colleagues will tell you all about their experience of the bol.com IT Young Professional program. You can ask anything and meet your peers – just to make sure you’ll find out if bol.com is the best way to boost the start of your career. No pressure. We would just like to meet you and show you what we’re proud of.

4 reasons to apply for the Tech Talent Day

1. Who doesn’t like to talk about tech, right?
2. This is your chance to get know to bol.com as an IT employer. Without any obligation, you’ll get a behind the ‘screens’.
3. Prepare yourself for the start of your career. Have you already thought about the possibilities you’ll have after graduating? Well, after this afternoon, you will.
4. It’s for free. Yeah, we know.

Who can apply for the Tech Talent Day?

First of all, it’s your dream to become a top-notch all-round Software Engineer – you just love tech. You’re more than welcome when you’re planning to graduate soon on a relevant Bachelor or Master for example in Computer Science, Software Engineering, etc. Or when you already have a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with up to 1-year professional working experience. And of course, you’re curious about how our 500+ software engineers offer our 13 million customers more than 41 million products and an inspiring and personal shopping experience.

Not sure if the Tech Talent Day is something you should attend to?