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About Marketing

Up close and personal. That’s Thanks to our (online) marketing teams, we reach millions of people with this message every day in the Netherlands and Belgium. Yes, also in the French speaking part, Wallonia. We work on creative campaigns and on providing the best online shopping experience for our customers. We analyse how, when and with whom we can best share our messages. This way, we ensure that feels even closer and more personal every day. Together, we make truly the store of us all. 

Everything is bigger here: the customer base, the product range, the amount of data and even the challenges.

Knowing what's going on thanks to a gigantic amount of data

With millions of customers and even more unique products in our range, we can align our marketing approach with unprecedented amounts of data that help us understand our customers even better. We get results in real time and respond to them with lightning speed. This allows us to serve customers even better, now and in the future.

Our goal is to ensure that people (continue to) choose Both for the product range and for us as a brand. We want the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium to know us and to trust us. We do this by responding to our customers’ needs. By being aware of what is going on. And by making them feel good, with a touch of humour.

Marketing in numbers

13 million customers in Belgium and NL
17 big campaigns per year
2,200 social posts per year
85 thousand likes on our best post

Millions of passengers for our customer journey

Together with our colleagues in the commercial teams, we work on the perfect customer journey. We help people explore, choose and buy. And we make sure that they always know how to find their way back to! By inspiring our customers with relevant content and by helping them with good customer service. We are always happy to go the extra mile.

Teamwork makes us stronger

At, we like to do things our way. That’s why we’ve got many in-house specialists. For example, at our Creative Studio we make our own photo and video productions, we work on designs and we think up creative campaigns and posts. With so many talented colleagues around you, you learn something new every day.

For our projects, we also work together with other experts, such as commerce or tech. It is by working cross-functionally that we are more innovative and creative. And besides: it’s just a lot more fun together.

Design your next step in our marketing team

Recruitment Marketeer

Run the right campaign at the right time, for the right talent

Procurement Specialist Category MHE

Taking responsibility for the CAPEX/OPEX category Material Handling Equipment
My goal? Bring the right people together to build on the largest online retail tech platform of the Benelux.

Esmee Overbeek