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Over FinTech

Money in, money out. It seems like a simple calculation, but with 49,000 partners and 13 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, it involves complex financial processes. A flow of billions of euros that we process quickly and faultlessly thanks to the smart systems of our FinTech professionals. After all, this is the only way our platform can run smoothly. 

Everything in-house

All our financial processes and the underlying systems are managed in-house. From payment to invoicing, for the customer, our partners and ourselves. We build and control all financial processes ourselves, and we are constantly making improvements. Because there is always room for improvement to make things smarter, more personal and safer.

At FinTech, we work in 4 specialised teams: Payments, Invoicing, Collection and Fraud & Risk. In each team, different disciplines work closely together, from product managers to IT specialists, process specialists and business and data analysts. They’re experts who keep complex invoices and complex fraud cases on track. They work as a team, steering ambitious projects on an ever-increasing scale.

At FinTech, we work in 4 specialised teams: Payments, Invoicing, Collection and Fraud & Risk.

Scalable yet personal

We understand that reliability and security come first – every day. But we also need to keep up with new developments. In fact, we often initiate these developments ourselves. For example, by investigating whether we can better support our partners by paying them several times a month. Or by automating which customers can use which payment methods. What risks do these kinds of developments entail for And does it provide sufficient value to We are constantly manoeuvring between customer interests and what it means for the organisation.

We pioneer with data analysis and data science every day. The freedom to experiment and test new ideas is important to us. Our biggest innovation challenge? To unburden our customers and partners by offering services in a reliable, personalised and scalable manner. Even though the volume of transactions is enormous, we want to serve our customers and partners appropriately.

Challenges at hand

We are currently working on several challenges, such as building a completely new state-of-the-art payment processing and matching engine; offering an optimal and responsible post-payment service; designing a socially responsible debt collection process; making sure we only allow reliable partners on our platform; and creating a generic check-out flow for our subscriptions.

FinTech in numbers

30 orders p/s at peak times
100 million payments per year
150 million invoices per year
13 million customers in Belgium and NL

Protecting customers & partners

When you are managing money flows for billions of euros, abuse is a likely problem. It is therefore important to map out these risks and to detect and prevent fraud. We are already doing this very well, because smart algorithms enable us to spot suspicious cases quickly. We take appropriate action to protect our customers and partners and to give fraudsters a run for their money.

Together for personal growth employees know all too well: at, change is the only permanent factor. And in order to cope with that, you often need to change gear quickly and cooperate well with each other. Because only as a team you can cope with the fast pace during our peak times. That is why we invest a lot in our teams and work on common goals.

We experiment together and run pilots, which enables us to learn things every day. Of course, you can make mistakes: you learn from them. But at the same time, you also understand that a small margin of error is soon about a lot of money and about thousands of customers. This awareness gives the work relevance and keeps us all on our toes.

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Procurement Specialist Category MHE

Taking responsibility for the CAPEX/OPEX category Material Handling Equipment

Specialist Internal Control ENG

A passionate business partner who puts put in greater control
My goal? Bring the right people together to build on the largest online retail tech platform of the Benelux.

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