Pioneering with partners for the future of our platform

About Platform is changing retail to make everyday life easier. We do this together with our 49,000 sales partners in the Netherlands and Belgium, for 13 million customers. With unique products, competitive prices and fast delivery times. Together, we create a platform where entrepreneurs can do business. And where we reach customers in the way they want. 

Bringing customer demand and partner supply together: that’s what it’s all about. Our platform professionals work to optimise the processes for our partners from start to finish. From tools to make uploading assets easier, to quality control. From developing e-learnings for entrepreneurs to creating data dashboards to share insights into their performance.

When you're growing as fast as, you know that change is constantly needed. as retail tech platform

The past few years at have been marked by an important transition. We rapidly transformed from a retailer into a platform organisation. A change that sparked the strongest growth in the history of So far we have made great progress, but we are not finished yet. We have numerous plans for the coming years. Plans to which you can make a contribution, with groundbreaking ideas and revolutionary concepts.

Together, we want to create a platform that sets a new, higher standard for our partners and for our customers. In order to guarantee the quality of the platform, we are constantly facing new interesting challenges. How do we deal with partners who offer valuable products but continuously fail to fulfil their delivery promise? How do we prevent our customers from having to deal with melted chargers and ‘wrong’ softeners in baby dummies? Together, we are looking for the best solutions.

We want to invent innovative business models and continuously offer growth opportunities to our partners. We are working on an entire ecosystem around the platform with a whole world of services and external partnerships. For example, a collaboration that allows partners to easily apply for flexible loans.

Explore uncharted territory

There’s no blueprint for the platform organisation of the future. To build that platform, we need people who dare to do what has not been done before. Colleagues who come up with things that do not yet exist. People who dare to discover, to develop ideas and to experiment.

Plaform in numbers

51 thousand partners on our platform
59 percent turnover by partners
13 million customers in Belgium and NL
2,500 unique colleagues

Capture the hearts of partners and customers

We are growing very fast and we can only do this together with the right people, and with our partners. We work with both large and small players, in order to achieve a complete, unique offering in every market segment. Because that is the only way we can truly become a store for everybody. As a platform colleague, you serve both customers and partners. How do you win over two hearts? And how do we become the most popular platform ever?

From different areas of expertise, specialists work together on the platform:

– Platform Business Models develops and refines strategic propositions. Which business models increase the platform value? How do we roll out smart and scalable propositions?

– Partner Engagement gives voices to the partners within the organisation and innovates with them on a co-creation basis.

– Platform Quality ensures that new and existing partners deliver great service and meet – or exceed – our customer promises.

– Platform Technologies is the innovation hub. Here you will meet Business Analysts and Product Owners who are creating and testing revolutionary tooling for the platform.

– Strategy & Business Development sets the strategy for the future of the organisation. Think for example about creating an ecosystem of services for our partners.

– Retail Media Group offers advertising opportunities to suppliers and partners. How can you best promote your products on our platform?

– Innovation Support focuses on the further development of the product organisation. Together, we will ensure that our transition to a project organisation will be a success.

Full speed ahead

A lot can happen in ten years. Ten years ago, was a completely different company and ten years in the future, might be completely renewed again. But one thing we know for sure: will be there. But in which shape? You can help us give direction. If you want to experiment, pioneer and explore, you’ve come to the right place.

It's great to work in such an energetic environment!

Rob Bons