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Together we change retail to make everyday life easier. The platform enables customer demand and partners supply to come together. With 51,000 sales partners, we offer a broad assortment, competitive prices and fast delivery times, to 13 million customers.

Working in Product means you are right in the middle of technology, business and customers. Tech optimization, building great products and providing innovative solutions: that’s what it’s all about. Our product teams work to optimize processes and the experience on the platform – from start to finish. From tools, to make uploading assets easier to creating data dashboards to share insights into partner performance. From simplifying onboarding for suppliers to ensure a complete, unique offering to consumer search engine optimization to improve their shopping experience.

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Change is constantly needed, because we change retail every day.

From retailer to platform

The past few years at have been marked by an important transition. We rapidly transformed from online retailer into a retail tech platform. A change that sparked the strongest growth in the history of So far, we have made great progress, but we are not finished yet.

Our goal from the start was to serve customers in the best way possible and be(come) a store for everybody. We’ve learned that our added value now sits in developing the platform that will set a new, higher standard for our customers and partners.

Together, we want to design innovative tech solutions and strengthen our existing business models, like e-commerce via, shipping via and advertising via

Explore uncharted territory

There’s no blueprint for the platform organisation of the future. Five years ago, was a completely different company and who knows where we will stand five years from now. Our ambition is to be part of that future. In which shape? You can help us give direction.

To continue the transition, we want to work with product professionals who are willing to take responsibility in strengthening the organizational setup, while being hands-on.  People who dare to discover, to develop ideas and to experiment. Colleagues who proactively lead and involve others in their decision making.

Working in Product is probably the closest you can get to being an entrepreneur without actually being one.

Full speed ahead

Pioneering has always been part of our identity and embracing failure is the key to innovation. The company culture is built on enabling people to be smarter by running experiments, of which our transition to a retail tech platform is the best proof of concept.

At you really get the freedom to shape the way you want to work and the roadmaps you want to create. If you are hungry for a challenge and want to experiment, pioneer and explore… you’ve come to the right place.


Product in numbers

51 thousand partners on our platform
13 million customers in Belgium and NL
2,500 unique colleagues
55 Different nationalities

Together we build a future-proof platform

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