Step 1: Onboarding & Team landing

The first weeks are intended to get you and your fellow IT young professionals up to speed at get to know your team, the business goals, our processes, our tooling, our architecture, your colleagues and so forth. You will also start working with your scrum team on maybe even write your first user story within a week. Apply the scrum principles and your newly gained knowledge in practice. And of course you are free to choose your own device! An HP ProBook, or perhaps an Apple MacBook Pro?

Step 2: Explore & Grow

After completing the previous step, you’ll have the basic knowledge to become a full-fledged member of your scrum team. In Explore & Grow, you’ll spend about 80% of your time developing new features with your team members, making even better. The rest of the time can be spent on challenges that lure you out of your comfort zone; attending conferences, following IT & soft skill training and hackathons. You decide what your focus will be and what to work on!

Young professional

Step 3: To the next level

To really make a difference, you’ll have to understand what moves, your colleagues and our customers. And what makes you tick: what kind of challenges put a smile on your face? In your second year, you’ll join another scrum team within Want to know more about our Shopping Experience Space? Learn all about logistics at the Fulfilment Space? Together with us you will decide your next level. We will provide a GPS to help you navigate and explore our landscape. We trust that you’ll find plenty to be passionate about at Are you up to this open challenge?

Step 4: Out of the (IT) box

We invite you to take the change to go ‘Out of the (IT) box’. How can you help the business? Where do you see opportunities for revolutionary innovations? For example, assume the role of business analyst and improve an aspect of our shopping platform. Or dive even deeper into our techstack, by working in our Technical Platform Space. This is the ultimate step for IT young professionals who want to make a difference!