Working 50% at the office and 50% from home with flexibility and a good balance between organization, team and your needs. That is our new way of working. Curious about how we do this at Check this page!

At, cooperation is key. We work together, learn together and have fun together. In addition, we keep a close eye on the changing needs of our’ers. We are adapting our way of working together to match these needs.

That is why we are starting ‘Hybrid working’ (in our case, ‘Our Way of Working’). This provides a flexible work culture that allows room for individual interpretation of the working week. We aim to work on average 50% at the office and 50% from home, but whether that is 1 day or 3 days a week at the office is up to you.

The campus (our office) is a meeting place with workstations and meeting rooms. Each department has its own floor(s), a ‘home base’ where teams find their immediate colleagues.

Our beliefs

We have a few beliefs that are in line with the values of These are the basis of Our Way of Working.


Why make things difficult when we can do it together? Working closely together is in our DNA. It’s what we like to do and as much as possible! It’s how we connect, learn and innovate and how we achieve the best results.


Freedom also means responsibility. We make the most out of our personal work-home balance by respecting the right balance for the team. Our work culture is a flexible solution in which we combine the best of both worlds.


We plan our work week and determine our work location based on the activities we do. Each department has its own floor(s), with a home base for the teams, where you can collaborate with your colleagues. We trust our teams in finding the best way to work together.

Freedom within a framework

Our freedom of movement also requires responsibility. We set guidelines so the teams know within which boundaries they can operate. Of course, it’s up to them to determine how they achieve something.

Activity-based working

Whether we work at the office or at home depends on the activities. We distinguish four types of activities (the four C’s) that help to plan a workweek.

Together, we create a work environment that fits the needs of our teams and’ers. This cooperation optimally supports our teams to do their work as well as possible and with pleasure. Optimal cooperation helps us to stay ahead of challenges in a dynamic, competitive market. We are constantly learning and innovating and we do this together. The typical way!