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About Data & Analytics

What do you get when you combine visitor flows of 13 million active customers with 41 million items and 49,000 partners? Exactly: a gigantic amount of data. All data points and data streams offer countless opportunities to make the customer’s shopping experience more personal, and even closer. 

Data & Analytics is the determining factor for the future of By using the enormous amounts of data, we are creating thousands of unique shops in which our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. With their own recommendations, articles, prices, advertisements and delivery times.

Data & Analytics in numbers

5,000+ terabytes of (big!) data
36 million items for sale
2,500 unique colleagues
30 orders p/s at peak times

Working with terabytes of data

Our customers decide what their shop looks like, by the way they use our site. As a next step for us we want to be predicting behaviour even better, for example with artificial intelligence solutions. All our innovations are data-driven, so that we can really help our customers.

In recent years, we have learned a great deal from the behaviour of our customers. They are the fuel for our daily innovation. We have terabytes of data to puzzle and experiment with. Our Data & Analytics experts investigate where the opportunities lie to optimise the platform. For ourselves, our partners and our customers. We always base our optimisation ideas on facts and figures.

Complex queries and dashboards

Analyst Jelle Mutter: “We use Google BigQuery a lot to retrieve data to create dashboards. Writing complex SQL statements is something I like to get stuck into. With Google Data Studio, we visualise the data in an attractive and logical way. We want our colleagues to be able to use the dashboards themselves to get the best insights. That is why it is our job to display the data logically.”

Writing complex SQL statements is something I like to get stuck into

Research, analyse and experiment

Data is the grease of our organisation. And our Data & Analytics colleagues work all throughout the organisation. From logistics to tech and from commerce to platform, is a product organisation and the various disciplines work together in teams. This is how we achieve the best products and innovations. Our data professionals play an important role in this, for example as objective sparring partners, project managers, data experts, product owners or business analysts.

Based on complex data, we bring out strategic insights. By combining this with their unique knowledge, we devise creative data solutions. And we use data to make better decisions faster. Data & Analytics professionals at get the chance to puzzle, play, experiment and innovate with an unprecedented amount of data. In this way, they shape the future of

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