About bol.com

  • Our office is located at Papendorpseweg 100 in Utrecht. By car you can drive from the ring of Utrecht to our office in less than ten minutes. In addition to several public transport buses that stop almost at the door, there are also regular bol.com buses that stop right at the entrance. These buses shuttle from Utrecht central station to the office every day. Our warehouse is in Waalwijk, where we work together with Ingram Micro.

    We have chosen for one location because cooperation is so important at bol.com. We work together on innovation and change every day. Thanks to our location, the lines are short. We can find each other immediately and can spar with each other if necessary.

  • At bol.com the working atmosphere is informal. What we mean by that is an open working environment where everyone can speak to each other. We find it important that everyone can be 100% themselves. In addition, at bol.com we work in many multidisciplinary teams. Because there are several teams that work autonomously, there is a dynamic in which you also get to know people from other departments. Really going for it together is what we believe in.

  • The ‘typical’ bol.com employee does not exist. We believe in the power of colleagues with different competencies, personalities and expertise. Both strategic thinkers and doers who try things out. Yet we all have a bit of common ground as well. We like to do things together, we are connectors and team thinkers. We are driven and entrepreneurship is in our nature. We give each other the space to be ourselves, make mistakes and learn from them so that we can continue.

    The informal atmosphere means that everyone is close by and accessible. We have a nice mix of driven starters and experienced specialists. Together we make the store of all of us.

  • To really become the store of all of us. A place where you can be 100% yourself. That is our ambition. In addition, we want to continue to innovate and combine different competencies, personalities and expertise. Together we are changing retail to make daily life easier. Everyone contributes in their own way, and works together with colleagues to achieve personal and shared goals.

    As a market leader, we often break new ground. Every day we try to set a new standard. Because what’s new today is normal for us tomorrow. We all carry this mentality.

About applying to bol.com

  • Always do! Describe in your motivation why you are the right candidate for this position. Maybe we see possibilities to look together with you at the potential to develop yourself in this area. Or maybe you are a perfect fit for bol.com and we would like to find a suitable position for you.

  • Currently, we have many interesting and challenging positions available. Perhaps there is an interesting vacancy for you that you can respond to immediately. After all, you know best what you are looking for.

    New vacancies regularly appear on our job site. It is therefore best to sign up for our job alert. This will keep you informed about the latest vacancies at bol.com.

  • We want to get a good picture of you. And you of course of us. This is only possible if we ask each other all the questions we can. So don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you want. Neither do we. What are you good at? What are we good at? What kind of person are you? What kind of company is bol.com? Those kinds of questions are all addressed.

    If you want an overview of the entire application process, look here.

  • Bol.com always follows the privacy laws. If you apply for a job at bol.com, bol.com will collect and process the data provided by you with your consent for handling your application. These personal data will be stored by bol.com for a period of 4 weeks after the end of the application procedure.

    If you have given your permission, the data will be deleted after 1 year after the end of the application procedure.

    If you subscribe to the job alert, your data (e-mail address and preferences) will be stored until you unsubscribe.

    Click here for more information about our privacy policy. 

  • If you have applied to bol.com, it depends on the job posting which application process you will enter. Largely, the following applies:

    1. The first contact (by phone).
    2. Meeting each other in real life (or digitally).
    3. The second interview with online assessment.
    4. Is this a match?

    If you apply for a vacancy within Tech, it is possible that another round is added. This is before or after the second interview, and besides the soft-skill test (HR assessment) it will be a Tech assessment that focuses on your knowledge of the field.

    If you would like an overview of the entire application process, please look here.

  • On average, we aim for the process to take four weeks. But of course this depends on several factors. Think of the availability of the people you sit down with, but also of yourself. Or on when you have time to make the assessment, and how long you need for this. Close contact with the recruiter will in any case keep you constantly informed of where you are in the process. This can also be shorter than four weeks!

  • The offer from Validata is legitimate. There may be confusion because here you are again asked for a CV. But don’t worry, this offer is valid and we would love to have you on board!

  • We strive to keep a maximum of 8 working days. This way we make sure everything is in order when you receive the contract. As soon as you sign, we can start right away ;).

About the relocate process at bol.com

  • Moving to the Netherlands is a big step and a big adventure. Understandably, this can be a bit scary. Therefore, bol.com wants to ensure that you make the best possible transition. We offer relocation assistance to the Netherlands and bol.com from the moment you have the job. Together with EMG (relocation company) we will arrange the paperwork, a house, assistance with any questions, a visa, contact with the relevant embassy and everything else.

    We hope in this way to help you (and your family) as much as possible, so you can focus on the really important things. Like packing your suitcase for this great adventure!

    *Please note! Your health and that of our colleagues is the most important thing. We therefore follow the advice and guidelines of the RIVM and the government. Should there be another corona outbreak in the future, or is the country you are in locked down, we will look together at when and what is possible, while observing the rules.

    Read about bol.com’ers who preceded you? Check out the blog here.
    More information about relocation? Check this page out.

  • You certainly can! You can apply to bol.com from anywhere in the world. Everyone is welcome. Whether bol.com is right for you becomes clear during the application process.

    *Please note! In the relocation process we always take your specific situation into account. So be transparent in your conversations with your contact person/recruiter. We do that too. That way, both sides have the right expectations and the process will run smoothly.

  • Together with us and EMG, we make sure that you can legally work at bol.com. Therefore, together we make sure that this paperwork is in order. We take care of the rest!

  • This is no different than described above under “about applying to bol.com”. Are you abroad? Then we just do the application process online!

  • Corona has ensured that we have been tied to home and the immediate surroundings for a long time. Now that infection rates are going in the right direction, and travel advice is being eased, many people long for a change of scenery. Logical we think! Therefore, at bol.com you are able to work abroad for a maximum of eight consecutive weeks.

    Discuss with your supervisor and team if and how working abroad works best for you and your team. This differs per team and is different for everyone. You make agreements about this together.

  • Moving to another country, can be a costly investment, we would like to help you with that. Therefore bol.com makes use of a relocation fee. You can use this allowance for anything you think is necessary for the move. You know best what you need to feel at home. Think about your flight, a house, covering your first living expenses, or other things you would like to spend it on.

    In addition to this compensation, we also help you with every step toward your move. We help you with the paperwork, your visa, finding a house and more. Are you in the Netherlands after that? Then the help doesn’t stop there. We want you to feel at home in the Netherlands and in bol.com. That’s why we provide a good onboarding, so you can settle in to the Netherlands with both feet.

  • If necessary, EMG will arrange temporary housing for the first month (possibly 6 weeks). During this period we will look for permanent housing. EMG will support you through the whole process, such as viewings, the contract and more.

  • Together with EMG we take care of the whole package. As mentioned before, we take care of all the paperwork, provide assistance, you will receive a fee, a visa, and we make sure that we are beside you at every step of the process to help you.

    Your contact person/recruiter will make sure that you are in close contact with each other. That way there is always someone ready to answer your questions, and help you with your next step.

  • In the Netherlands you are obliged to take out health insurance. EMG helps you with this. At bol.com we have a collective health insurance. It is not obligatory to subscribe to this, but if you do, you will receive a discount on your health insurance.

  • This depends on several factors. Think about what kind of passport you have, if all documents are ready, what the availability is of the embassy, are you coming alone or with your family, you name it!

    Our goal is for this process to take 6 to 8 weeks.

  • This is not possible yet. To help you as much as possible and get you off to a flying start, we would like you to be in the Netherlands for the onboarding.

    Do you want to move to the Netherlands and do you have any questions that are not listed here?

    Please contact us, you can find our contact details here. 


About the possibilities at bol.com

  • You start with a one-year contract. But if we both are very happy, we could convert that contract intro a permanent one later.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have any part-time or summer jobs available at the bol.com headquarters. Would you like to work for bol.com? Then you could contact our customer service. Our customer service is outsourced to Teleperformance. This also applies to our fulfillment center in Waalwijk, for which we work together with Ingram Micro.

About working at bol.com

  • At bol.com we work together to create a working environment that suits the needs of you, your team and bol.com. Which means 50% of the time working at the office and 50% at home. Whether you work at the office or at home depends on your activities. At bol.com we work in a flexible work culture, allowing us to meet each other regularly. In this, we find a balance between organizational and individual needs. Together with your team, you look at what does and does not work for you.

    Within this way of working, we respect each other and bring the best of both worlds together. Not only does this ensure that we can retain our innovative power, but everyone also gets the freedom to arrange their week as they see fit. Multidisciplinary collaboration, efficiency, autonomy and entrepreneurship are the starting points of these working methods.

    Want to know more about the working methods of bol.com? Read it here.

  • We share an enormous passion to continuously improve and develop everything we do. Because everything can and must be much better too. We want to be the undisputed number one retail tech platform for everyone who wants to buy or sell something in the Netherlands and Belgium. To make the lives of our customers easier and more fun.

  • Bol.com is at the heart of society through our millions of customers. As far as we are concerned, that is the perfect position to help that society. It’s in our DNA, because we help millions of customers every day to make the best choice from the huge assortment.

    Translated into a broader, societal context, we want to make a measurable contribution to overcoming social and sustainability challenges.

    How? Discover our vision and initiatives here.

  • Salary adjustments take place in principle once a year as a result of the assessment round. During a calibration session, the MT of a team or department determines all increases. Here, the impact made and the behavior of all team members are considered. Three elements are considered here:

    – The impact you have made and the behavior you have shown.

    – Your salary relative to others in a similar role and/or job scale.

    – Your Relative Scale Position (RSP) is included for check.

    Once a year there is a review round. Salaries are adjusted on that basis. In addition, in the event of promotion, a salary adjustment may be made in consultation with People&.

  • This is always possible. If you consult with your manager, and your manager agrees with the transfer to another team, this is possible. Will you stay in the same position? Then there are few steps to be taken, and you only agree on this with your managers. Would you like to move to another role? Or another department? Then the internal application process will take place.

  • There is always an available budget that can be used for your development. This is not a personal budget, but you agree it with your manager. In addition, we have a platform called Studybol, where you can also find various trainings and education for your personal development. This is accessible to every bol.com employee.

About the extras at bol.com

  • At bol.com we like good, healthy and above all tasty food. Our colleagues from the catering department ensure that you can enjoy a fresh lunch at a low price every day.

    Do you prefer a quick bite? You can get one in our own AH to Go. Bol.com employees work very hard to change retail together to make everyday life easier.

    We also need to relax, there are several ways to do this. Stroll along one of the paths in our garden, where you will also find our soccer field and swings. Would you rather work up a sweat? There is also a possibility to do so at our Energy@bol.com. Are you crazy about boxing, field hockey, running, cycling, yoga, other sports or are you more into an evening of playing board games? Several colleagues organize all kinds of activities that you can sign up for.

    We also find relaxation and health important and organize for example workshops mindfulness.

  • As a bol.com employee you receive a discount on certain items up to a maximum of €500,- discount per year. This varies per product group, but there is a discount on every group.

  • We like to get to know each other well. That’s why we have two after work drinks every week at our own bol.com bar. Because we work partly from home and partly in the office, we do two, so that everyone has the opportunity to attend the drinks if they feel like it.

    But we also go out twice a year with the whole company. Furthermore, all departments organize their own outings and colleagues organize their own (sports) activities. Of course, you are completely free to participate. Are you the new Beyoncé, Candy Dulfer or Douwe Bob? Then grab that microphone or sax and sing or play the stars from the sky in our Blue Band. If you are the sporty type, you can join one of our sports teams. For example, there are bol.com’ers who play field hockey, soccer and go on bol.com ski trips together.

    More into board games? No problem, we have those evenings too! So there is something for everyone.

  • The maximum bonus is set at 10% of the gross annual salary (excluding vacation allowance). The bonus is 50% dependent on personal performance and 50% on company performance.