Because we think it’s important that you’ll get a glimpse of the office vibe, we try to create a flexible application process. This means that your process mostly will be online, but that we are looking for a way to also meet in person at our office in Utrecht, for example for your first or second interview. Because we just started our new way of working, we are figuring out how to best connect the two. The recruiter will fill you in about your process, so you’ll know what to expect.

Your application

Carefully, we take a look at your application. You will hear from us soon to let you know if we invite you for an interview. If you haven’t find the right job for you, register for our jobalert to stay up to date.

First contact

We will contact you to discuss your motivation and expectations, such as salary. We’ll walk you through the process and take the first step to set up an interview. And since we’re already talking: feel free to ask any questions you may have.

First date

During the first interview we’ll get to know each other. We want to find out more about you, your work experience and skills. Together, we’ll figure out if we see a potential match.

Your next interview

If we see a potential match and the job also matches your needs, we would like to invite you for a second interview. Before this interview will take please we will ask you to take an online assessment. For some specific jobs we ask you for extra input, for example a business case or a technical assessment. We’ll also discuss the position and the team in depth.

Is this love?

Two interviews are usually enough to see if it’s a match. And if you agree… well, it’s the beautiful beginning of your career at

If you are relocating for your new job at there will be an experience day for you to get to know and the Netherlands.