“We have to realise that every human being in this world is born onto the earth equal. It’s only all the crazy stories we tell each other that take some of that away. But what if we changed the story? What if we all turned up, in all our magnificence, what would the world look like then?” – Margaret Versteden, Chief Executive Officer –

Bol.com, de winkel van ons allemaal (the store of all of us). This is the story we work on every day. It is our belief that this story will grow even stronger when many different people add their uniqueness to our story.

People @ bol.com

Pride 2022
Everybody has the right to be who they want to be.
Tanya, Retail Campagne Manager
I hope that people become more aware of the fact that culture can play a big part in why someone feels the way they do. It shapes their experiences.
Laila, Teamlead The Service Hub
A diploma may be some sort of yardstick, but definitely not in all cases. For me I saw an opportunity and took it. I believed in my own skills and made sure they had no choice but to acknowledge me. No diploma doesn’t mean that you don’t have talent. Don’t let that take your opportunities away.
Jeroen, Engineering Manager
We all need something to do our jobs the best way we can, not only people with a physical disability. Don't let your prejudices magnify this limitation. “Look at chances, not at disabilities. Because you’re missing out on talent.” Jeroen, software engineer at bol.com. Check out his story here.
Margaret, CEO
We need to stop asking the question if diversity is important and embrace the fact that it is. t’s about every person being able to turn up and show up as themselves. For me personally it is evolved from feeling like I have to prove myself that I am allowed to have a seat at the table. That I have arrived...
Marijn, Director Reverse
Everyone is unique in their being, their background and in what they contribute. And I think if you allow enough space for all of that and embrace it together then you’ll achieve the best result. And then the difference between men and women won’t even need to be an issue.
Raissa, Product Tech Lead
For a little while I thought, maybe this is indeed a mans world and I don't belong. I had to go through this process of deconstructing this image that I put in my head of how an engineer should look like. We have to put in the effort of making this community a diverse place, a secure place for everyone to be themselves

A place where you can be 100% you.

That’s only possible if we create a place where every bol.com’er feels safe, at home and free to bring their full self. Regardless of where you come from, what you believe, who you love, how you feel, or what you look like. Regardless of what you eat, how you dress, the way you talk, or what you put in your shopping cart. A place where, whoever you are, it really doesn’t matter.

We’re creating that place together. Embracing our diversity to bring out the best in each other. Every background, experience, personality, and perspective has a unique contribution to add to our story. When you bring different people together, the most beautiful things will arise, and we can truly make a difference. It’s how we understand and connect with our customers, our partners, and our world. So, we can fulfil our mission and change retail to make everyday life easier.

We see it as our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity and I love being part of that journey

”Talent is divided equally, opportunities are not. I am grateful that bol.com understands that inclusion is a right and not a privilege for a selected few. Inclusion elevates us all. We see it as our responsibility to enable an environment that unleashes the power of diversity and I love being part of that journey”

– Meryem Höcük, Lead Diversity & Inclusion –

To truly be ‘de winkel van ons allemaal’ (the store of us all). That’s our ambition. Together we’re learning and making progress — with passion, with trust and, in true bol.com style, a little more every day. To all of you: we want to hear your story and be the place where you can be 100% you.

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