Help the organisation progress with optimal support, insights and advice

About Finance & Business Support

Our colleagues from Finance & Business Support are the backbone of They offer optimal support, advice and insights to help the organisation move forward. By providing a nice workplace, reliable information and help where needed, they assist the rest of the employees. For an organisation that is developing at a rapid pace, this is vital.

Finance & Business Support includes many different jobs, but they all have one thing in common: they are indispensable for the success of By making the right decisions now, we can ensure there’s space for tomorrow’s investments. Both in our work and in our colleagues.

Our colleagues from Finance & Business Support are the backbone of

Controlling: making financial ambitions come true

Each year, we set ambitious targets. Together with the business, the controlling team translates’s strategy into a clear, ambitious and achievable financial plan. What investments do you make, what is going well and which things can be improved? After all, funds can only be spent once. We work on the basis of data, combined with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. Understanding of the business is necessary: to understand the impact of a TV campaign on our costs and sales, for example, you have to understand how marketing works.

Accounting, Risk & Compliance: our financial conscience

The financials at are well organised. This includes the management and processing of invoices, the financial administration and the administrative organisation. But also internal control, optimal cash flow, risk management and tax matters. Our colleagues from Accounting, Risk & Compliance are responsible for the reliable figures that the rest of the organisation uses to make decisions. We also work on improving predictability, so that we can build on expected results.

Finance & Business Support in numbers

60 new colleagues per month
2,500 unique colleagues
1 campus
40 thousand courses to follow

Legal: tailored assistance and advice

From the legal supervision of a warehouse to helping with contracts relating to a new IT tool. That’s what our colleagues in Legal deal with. And what about consumer law and privacy policy? The data of our millions of customers must be well protected and compliant with laws and regulations. Also, the introduction of a new product group can have legal implications: what claims are technically permissible in marketing terms? And do business partners commit to our legal framework? Our legal department leans in on everything – and that is a good thing.

People&: taking care of the people behind

Our employees are not resources. They are people with ambitions and potential for growth. That’s why we don’t have an HR department, but People& teams. From recruitment to strategy to services: we do everything to best support our colleagues. We bind and retain talent, encourage their development and ensure that they can get the best out of themselves. We create an environment in which we harness the power of diversity and where people can work together in the best possible way.

Workplace Management: our place of work in good hands

A great place to work and meet: that’s what we want in a workplace. Together we ensure a pleasant environment during work, but also during lunchtime and after-work drinks. Not just at our offices, but also in the warehouses we make sure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, Workplace Management is responsible for all facility matters that are needed for our offices and warehouses.

Workplace Management also supports colleagues at home. After all, hybrid working is different for everyone, so the support goes beyond a good office chair and the right screen height.

Get comfortable looking for the perfect fit

Recruitment Marketeer

Run the right campaign at the right time, for the right talent

Procurement Specialist Category MHE

Taking responsibility for the CAPEX/OPEX category Material Handling Equipment
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