Did you know that at bol.com we don't buy fulfilment centers? We build them ourselves... at record speed!

And you can be part of that.

Watch the videos, and see what it takes to make this happen in nine months.

Building ambitions

PEAK warehouse
The opening
Fil, IT stream lead
IT infra
Joanna, IT software lead
Everything software
Joke, Project lead
She makes sure it ends well
Koen, Process, layout and equipment lead
The entire logistical process
Pleun, Realization lead
Everything on time

About the PEAK warehouse & the videoserie

Building a warehouse in nine months is what this team at bol.com did! With the fast growth, it is essential to set up a smart logistics infrastructure. In addition, the end of the year is the busiest time in logistics at bol.com. By being in the lead ourselves, from design to realization, we can respond in a very balanced and specific way to the customer / partner demand of today and the future.

The growth ambition, the challenge and the close cooperation between IT, business and mechanization come together nicely. Over the past 9 months, the new PEAK warehouse has been built, making us more ready than ever for the holiday season peak. During this period, we expect to deliver almost 2 million packages.

Do you also want to build a warehouse, together with a team? Do you want to be part of the big bol.com logistics world?

We’ve got a whole stack of jobs ready for you

Junior Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

Are you up for the challenge to keeping our Fulfilment Center performing stable?