What makes us tick?

It is our ambition to make every day life of our customers easier and more fun. So they have time to do the things in life that really matter, like diner with friends, BBQ with the neighbors, a birthday party or some serious ‘me time’.

The shop for all of us (de winkel van ons allemaal) also in Begium

Together with our “team Belgium” we make sure every customer feels welcome and at home at bol.com. For example; we monitor the way we use the Dutch language (uitverkoop? solden!) and we make sure we have a product range that meets the needs of our customers. But also by keeping a close eye on what is going on in the world we live in.

Team Belgium really close, thanks to you

Team Belgium is a really tight community within the bol.com family. They focus on the Belgian market. Most of the team is based in the Netherlands/ Utrecht. Another part of the team is based in Antwerp. Together they service our Belgian partners and customers on a daily basis.

Besides your own expertise team you are part of our multidisciplinair Belgian team. Together you make sure that your knowledge about the Belgian market helps bol.com to really be close to our customers.

As the community lead for the internationals I want to help in making bol.com a great workplace for internationals.

Working at bol.com together our way of working

At bol.com all 2500 bol.commers contribute to our ambition in their own unique way. With their own expertise and function in teams that complement and reinforce each other.
By joining forces we can discover, create and walk new paths. Because as a market leader, bol.com must continue to innovate. We do this not only together with colleagues, but of course also with our partners and our customers. Together we set the standard. What is new today will be normal for us tomorrow.

In this process, colleagues and teams work autonomously. That means a lot of freedom in which you are given responsibility and are asked to take initiative yourself. This way, you and your colleagues are responsible for the next success of bol.com, of your team and of your career.

Grow together

If you want to set the standard, you must dare to dream, dare to discover and keep on experimenting and developing. Over and over again. Of course we understand that this is a learning process. Therefore, your development is very important to us. We believe that your growth and that of bol.com reinforce each other. That is why you can sign up for all kinds of training and courses. A weekly check with your manager is also planned in your agenda and you have regular team meetings.

Where you'll work

At the office & at home 50/50
To work together effectively we don’t need to be in the office every day . That said, it’s really important to meet face-to-face. Therefore, we want to create a flexible work culture in which we meet face-to-face regularly and collaborate together. Our aim is to work on average 50% at home and 50% at the office and we expect everyone to be at least one day per week at the office. with a maximum of three days per week. When working at the office we primarily create, collaborate and connect. Home is particularly the place for focus work, regular meetings and virtual contacts.

Bol.com campus

Bol.com is located in the city of Utrecht, centrally located in the Netherlands. This is where our bol.com campus is located, which is still the vibrant heart of bol.com.

Antwerpen office
Our office in Antwerp officially opened its doors on June 17, 2019. A great moment! By opening a workplace in Belgium, we can offer an even better service to our partners. We offer them a place nearby to do even better together and to make the customer’s daily life easier.

Working in the Netherlands

Since bol.com is located in the Netherlands, our conditions are slightly different than in Belgium. For example, we don’t have meal vouchers in the Netherlands. Of course we do a lot of other things in return. In addition to salary (under Dutch law), we also offer a bonus at bol.com. We also have a commuting scheme and you can enjoy a staff discount on the assortment at bol.com.

We also support you, for example, with taking out health insurance and applying for your Citizen Service Number (BSN). We guide you through the practical matters that need to be arranged to make working at bol.com and living in the Netherlands a success.

Feel right at home when you work at bol.com

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