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System Network Engineer Assure the quality of our infrastructure. While conceptualizing its successor.

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How do you make our customers happy? is changing retail to make daily life simpler for 12 million customers. A mission we take on with 39,000 partners that enrich our retail tech platform with customer-centric propositions. Combined, we offer 33 million articles and achieve peak sales of 700 orders per minute (Black Friday 2020). As those numbers demonstrate, there is a huge amount of data coursing through our organization. But how do we keep our mission-critical infrastructure in top condition so customers, partners and colleagues can take an awesome network for granted?

The biggest challenge

Managing our network infrastructure is no small feat. And doing this successfully is imperative. The scope ranges from installing, configuring and patching network hardware – downtime is not an option – to conceptualizing future solutions to ensure we keep up with evolving customer demands and facilitate a growing number of customer-partner interactions.

Your responsibilities as System Network Engineer

  • Monitor, manage and continually improve the networking infrastructure of our extensive data center
  • Apply the same TLC to the network infrastructure of our highly mechanized and automated fulfillment centers #keeptheordersflowing
  • Participate in a standby schedule to ensure uptime of mission-critical hardware
  • Install and configure the necessary hardware, ensuring everything is up to the highest standards (more specifically, yours)
  • Contribute to discussions on structural improvements and help envision the networking infrastructure of the future

As System Network Engineer, you manage the network infrastructure that keeps our fulfillment and data centers up & running. 24/7. Without hiccups. It should go without saying that this is an incredibly impactful role. And a daunting one at that. After all, the scale is huge. Take our warehouses: our two main fulfillment centers have a combined footprint of several soccer fields. We opened another warehouse on top of that for the XL flow (think: TVs, outdoor kitchens, et cetera), and we’re in the process of building and opening even more assets. This entire infrastructure has to run flawlessly, and the same goes for the data that flows between these locations, our data centers, the cloud and HQ. It’s up to you to realize those ambitions. With a great sense of autonomy and ownership. And on-premise. Can you ensure is live 24/7/365?

3 reasons why this is(n’t) for you

  • Yes, if you have a solid IT background, especially in the networking domain
  • Yes, if you consider IP protocols, Wi-Fi, BGP, OSPF, MPLS, VXLAN, EVPN and Linux to be family members. And scripting / puppet close acquaintances.
  • Yes, if you’re fine with working at different locations: a driver’s license comes in handy
  • No, if you stick to what you know and don’t handle change very well
  • No, if you shy away from ownership when mistakes can have huge consequences
  • No, if you value your 9-5 mentality and expect issues to accommodate to that

Where you’ll work, de winkel van ons allemaal (the store of us all). This is the story we work on every day. It is our belief, that this will grow even stronger when many different people add their uniqueness to our story. We invite you to share your story with us. Because when you bring different people together, the most beautiful things will arise.

What you get

What you get

  • A blue and safe landing

    We warmly welcome our new colleagues, so they feel home as soon as possible. During your onboarding program, we give you all the ins and outs about!
  • Money and more...

    Working at is challenging and therefore you get something in return. Besides salary, you will receive a yearly bonus, holiday allowance, holiday entitlement of 29 days, travel allowance, group insurance and more.

How it works

  1. Carefully, we take a look at your application. Within 2 weeks you know if we invite you for an interview.
  2. We call you to set up an interview. And since we’re already talking: feel free to ask any question you may have.
  3. In this first interview we’ll get to know each other. We want to find out more about you. Work experience is interesting, but we also want to find out more about you as a person. Together, we’ll find out if this job is a match made in heaven.
  4. Before the next interview we will ask you to take an online assessment. We’ll also discuss the position and your team in depth.
  5. 2 interviews are usually enough to see if it’s a match. And if you agree… well, it’s the beautiful beginning of your career at :)

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