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Make yourself at home

When you are moving to The Netherlands for your new job, some things will change. Some of your old habits will be replaced by new ones. To help you do that as smooth as possible, we make sure that you don’t have to worry about the practical problems and paperwork. Your recruiter is supported by Expat Management Group to make your landing at bol.com and in The Netherlands a big success.

We'll help you move to the Netherlands

A lot will change if you choose to work at bol.com and consecutively move to the Netherlands. We’ll help you with all kind of things, including the paper work.

  • Request the right documents
  • Finding a place to live
  • Subscription to for example muncipalities, doctor, dentist and your citizen service number
  • Familiarizing in the Netherlands
  • Prepare your emigration and visa
  • We’ll take care of your taxes

About Utrecht

Utrecht is the capital of the Province of Utrecht. Although it is one of the four largest cities of the Netherlands, it has a small and cosy city centre. Winelover, sportsmaniac or shopaholic, Utrecht has something to offer for everybody! Stroll the Oudegracht, drink something at Neude or climb the Dome Tower.

The Dutch Culture

Who thinks about The Netherlands, thinks about bikes. It takes some time to get used to it: in The Netherlands we have more bikes than inhabitants. Even if your name is not Tom Dumoulin, Marianne Vos or Niki Terpstra, jump on your bike and explore the city.

Other things that are “typical Dutch” are iceskating, cheese, tulips and – most importantly – the “gezelligheid”.